Auditory processing is, in a nutshell, "what we do with what we hear".  (Tomlin, 2017)
Auditory processing is "the efficiency and effectiveness with which the central nervous system (CNS) utilizes auditory information" (American Academy of Audiology, 2010).
“APD (disorder) consists of symptom(s) contributing to a neurodevelopmental disorder towards which other symptoms, including impaired language, also contribute. APD presents as impaired perception of both non-speech and speech sounds, and is closely associated with impaired top-down, cognitive function” (British Society of Audiology, 2011).
In my clinic I use a thorough test battery which includes acoustic level ('bottom up') and cognitive level ('top down') testing, which yields a complete picture of how a test candidate perceives auditory information. All tests used are commercially available, standardized diagnostic and criterion-referenced tests. This means that my test battery is fully transparent and can be replicated and interpreted by other professionals with expertise in this area.  
For more information on auditory processing, please refer to the Auditory Processing page on this website. 

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