Meet Your Guides

Janet Gibson (R. SLP, R. AUD) and Shannon Muir (R. SLP), co-owners of SoundPlay, have been working on the North Shore for many years. In November 2023 we combined our practices to create SoundPlay. We and our team, are speech, language and hearing professionals with a passion for empowering children and adults through improving their speech, language and listening skills! 


What You Need To Know

It brings us joy to help children and adults build confidence and self-esteem by improving their speech, language and listening skills. Seeing people reach their full potential and achieve their goals is very rewarding. It's important to us to bring parents or other family members into the decision-making process, recognizing individual family needs and providing personalized intervention plans.


Getting Started

At SoundPlasy we believe in treating each client as an individual, recognizing their unique strengths while supporting them through their challenges. We understand how important communication is, for the development of self-confidence and success through life's stages.

We've worked with many families over the years, seeing little ones grow from late talkers to successful elementary, high-school and even university students. Seeing adults find the confidence to take on new challenges is gratifying. It gives us great pleasure to hear the relief in someone's voice when they understand their, or their child's communication challenges and to know that there are solutions.  

At SoundPlay we have a thorough intake process, ensuring we match your needs with the right professional and scheduling options. Contact us for an intake appointment! Sometimes, we experience heavy caseloads, and we appreciate your patience while we find scheduling solutions.  

Let's Work Together

We understand that finding the right speech-language or hearing health professional is crucial, and we are grateful for your interest in our services. Sometimes due to a full caseload, there may be a delay in starting services. To determine if we are the right fit for you or your child's communication needs, we encourage you to e-mail us at or, or you can click the Contact link to start the intake process.    

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