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I'm Janet Gibson, a speech, language and hearing professional with a passion for empowering children through improving their speech and language skills. My experience has taken me from South Africa to Ontario, and for the last 23 years, to British Columbia. I've worked in a variety of settings, including big clinics, corporate positions, and my private practice.

What You Need To Know

It brings me joy to help children build confidence and self-esteem by improving their speech,  language and listening skills. Seeing children reach their full potential and achieve their goals is very satisfying. It's important to me to bring parents into the decision-making process, recognizing individual family needs and providing personalized intervention plans.

In addition to my experience working with children, I also work with adults of all ages to help them understand their hearing status and to guide them to find solutions. If you have concerns about your hearing, I strongly encourage you to book a Hearing Test, to find out more and to achieve peace of mind.

Getting Started

I started Janet Gibson Speech Pathology and Audiology Services in 2003 from a colleague's office in West Vancouver. For several years I shared an office with ENT specialists, before moving to my current location in North Vancouver. 

I believe in treating each client as an individual, recognizing their unique strengths while supporting them through their challenges. I understand how important communication is, for the development of self-esteem and success through life's stages.

I've worked with many families over the years, seeing their little ones grow from late talkers to successful elementary, high-school and even university students. Hearing health is another aspect of communication which I enjoy helping clients with.

I test hearing across the age spectrum from 5 years to 95 years. It gives me great pleasure to hear the relief in someone's voice when they understand their, or their child's hearing, and when they know how to find solutions.  


Outside of my work as a speech-language and hearing professional, I enjoy staying active and exploring new places through travel. I am an avid walker and enjoy playing tennis. Through my travels and personal interests, I have developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and ways of life. I always strive to bring this appreciation into my work, taking into consideration the varying backgrounds and experiences of the children and families that I work with. 

Let's Work Together

I understand that finding the right speech-language or hearing health professional is crucial, and I am grateful for your interest in my services. Sometimes due to a full caseload, I may not be able to accommodate all new inquiries. To determine if I'm the right fit for your child's communication needs, I encourage you to schedule a short initial intake call with me. During this short introductory call, we explore the correct appointment type for you and the best scheduling options for both of us. 

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